Custom pharmacy solutions that connect your treatments with your patients.

We understand that at the center of every clinical trial or free goods program is a patient awaiting treatment. Fisher BioServices provides scalable, custom direct-to-patient pharmacy services that ensure patients receive their medication safely and on-time. Our proven infrastructure, knowledge of processes, and dedicated, licensed support staff enable you to focus on furthering your discoveries and helping more patients.

Support for your Free Goods Program

Let our pharmacy staff support your promotional programs by shipping your new products to high volume prescribers before the commercial launch date. We provide efficient distribution as well as inventory accountability for your peace-of-mind. Learn more about how we can manage your free goods programs.

Support for your Clinical Trial

Benefit from tighter control and convenience in managing agents of very high value or limited supply by partnering with the Fisher BioServices pharmacy. By dispensing agents and clinical supplies to study sites on an as-needed basis, we reduce waste, provide full inventory accountability, and minimize the storage space needed. Our clinical trial support services also help with patient participation and compliance by shipping agents and supplies directly to the patient’s home. Let us help you with:

• Inventory management
• Study site accountability
• Biopharmaceutical and small molecule clinical agent distribution
• Recall/return destruction services

Learn more about how we can help support your clinical trial with detailed enrollment, inventory reports, traceable delivery services and more.

Support for you

The Fisher BioServices pharmacy is licensed in all 50 states and staffed with trained, experienced, registered pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. We can provide outbound calls to patients and physicians, patient consultation services, intervention for original prescriptions and refills, and respond to physician questions. When you need a trusted partner to help with direct-to-patient pharmacy services, look no further than Fisher BioServices. Download the sell sheet to learn more or call us today!

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