Maintaining sample integrity at every point of transfer from collection to shipping/distribution is imperative. Cold chain logistic solutions can help you ensure proper temperature when locating/transporting your materials that require controlled ambient, refrigerated, ultra-low or cryogenic temperatures.

Whether moving a substantial inventory of biosamples or a single-dose cell therapy, we are experts in cold chain distribution and management, from ambient to cryogenic temperatures.

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Cryogenic Material

From manufacturer to patient bedside, we have the knowledge and equipment required for transport of cellular therapies and biologics including vaccines and monoclonal antibodies. We can also ship single patient units to any clinical site around the world.

Standard Operating Procedures

All shipments are prepared according to SOP and include point-to-point temperature monitoring devices where applicable. Our receiving SOP includes verifying the accuracy of the shipment, inspecting it for damage, capturing data, and additional steps to verify the efficacy of the sample. After receiving, materials are inventoried and then either sent to the lab for processing or placed directly in storage until needed for research.

Reliable Infrastructure

Our custom liquid nitrogen equipped vehicles and fleet of validated dry shippers enable us to ship at cryogenic temperatures to any location around the world. We can also transport customer-owned freezers, refrigerators, and liquid nitrogen tanks from one facility to another

Protecting Cell Viability

We ensure compliance with all Federal, State, and local regulations. Our shipping experts are HAZMAT- and International Air Transport Association (IATA)-trained and certified and trained in current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). We hold Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) permits to import and export infectious agents and can ship vaccines worldwide.